February 1st 2000
Online Exhibition at Chris Ray's Gallery
Pencil drawings on cartridge paper

Chris Ray's Review

"Think of a rapidograph recording the subtle tremblings of the earth. Soundings far beneath the crusty surface. An ongoing conversation takes place, a nervous dialog of uncertainty between inside and outside. Far removed yet only a footstep away, a distant voice transmits the hollow sounds of a crowded space, compacted with dense layers of muted emptiness.

Breathing in, breathing out, a pendulum of time expanding, contracting, creating motion that may be exclusionary within its cool embrace.

Sarah Parker has created a series of drawings that are deceptively sparse but they contain a volume of content that can only be quietly extracted. Her articulated markings are subtle definitions of pure feeling that to me seem to be created out of a no mind state. Interference of deliberate thought is sublimated and she confidently trusts the soft whispers of intuition guiding her hand across the page.

Stepping through one image after another, things come into focus cumulatively and in the end one may want to recycle through the series once again. There is no big bang here, just an understated series of events that leave you with an embedded afterimage remembered internally.

This is an artist with very subtle sensibilities and a great deal of intelligence. To better appreciate her capabilities I would suggest a visit to her website and share some other aspects of her work.