walking slowly through fast time, I can see only what I left behind
you cannot choose where to go only how to get there
walk straight ahead, but travel the sweeping arcs of perpetually diminishing circles
the vulnerability of the mind is too strong for it to see what is really there
looking up to the end of a tunnel vision
amid the solitary consciousness, tenacious footsteps along the dotted line
my shadow mocks me in two dimensions on the dusty ground
the instability of elements that constitutes life
the ebb and flow of existence
now at the end of playing games and the beginning of honesty
better to push it than to watch it fall away...
who will I be when I wake?
loathe to leave the conscious world lest I should lose myself and have to start all over again
feel the swerve of an amplified wave travel back full circle
the motion jars and the cogs cease to make sense of themselves
a stretched spring always under pressure, that tension is essential for time to toll each 'tick'
travelling from an expanding past trapped in an endless present
my time is not yours